Filipinas and Filipinos continue to choose Hawaii as their home --officially, since 1906, reportedly, Filipinos were here long before 1906. They continue to participate, support and add to Hawaii’s growing and changing Filipino and general community and culture. They continue to help in creating a unique group of Filipino Americans living in Hawaii. 


The Filipino American National Historical  Society  (FANHS)-Hawai’i State Chapter (HSC) invites you to join us as friends and members. We look forward to and are very grateful for your friendship and membership. We also look forward to your support towards our efforts to document and preserve Hawaii’s living Filipino-American history. Through your friendship, membership, and ongoing social, emotional and financial support and donations in kind, you will be helping to promote the opportunities to share information with all who wish to learn about Hawaii’s evolving 110+ year-old Filipino American history and culture. 


Your support, particularly your donations and membership fees will also be allocated to cover overhead costs, which FANHS-HSC generally aims to keep free to the public. Such overhead cost will include promotional materials/supplies, nominal administrative needs, FANHS HSC sponsored and co-sponsored community events (space rental, project materials, refreshments, etc.). As a FANHS chapter, FANHS-HSC is a 501C3, non-profit group, and your membership fees and donations to FANHS-HSC is deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. 


Each active member of FANHS-Hawai'i State Chapter receives a significant discounted rate to all FANHS’ Biennial Conferences. You will have access to FANHS HSC's newsletter, which will carry historical and current information for each island. You will also have access to FANHS-HSC's archives and FANHS-HSC'ssocial media as they all become available.


Thank you for your friendship, support, on-going membership and much needed financial donations and donations in kind.